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Maggie's archive contains photos of past editions and one of a kinds.
Note there may be some dolls that are not listed here.
This is not a complete collection of her entire work.

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15.5 Inch Tall Felt Doll
Edition Size: 30
Created in 2020

Price : $1,295.00
Layaway plans available:
6 months at $215.83/mon.
12 months at $107.92/mon.

Free Delivery (continental USA)

Elleth is celebrating springtime in the meadow and all its bountiful wonders with her Elfin friends.
Elleth wears a hand-dyed violet ombre Elfin hat with a tall curl at the top.
Her wig is blonde human hair.

The felt jumpsuit is hand-dyed with a deep violet to light violet ombre effect, with hand-painted plum polkadots, and fanciful curvy details at the tips of her toes.
Elleth's powerful silhouette is achieved with a long cape-like vest made with light green felt and a quilted celery-green silk backing.
Faux buttons, embroidered and air-brushed bunny rabbits, violets, forget-me-nots, and lots of greenery embellish her flowing cape!

Elleth is the first Maggie Made Dolls to be featured with unique side-glancing violet eyes.