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Maggie's archive contains photos of past editions and one of a kinds.
Note there may be some dolls that are not listed here.
This is not a complete collection of her entire work.

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15.5 Inch Tall Felt Doll
Edition Size: 30
Created in 2021

Marta lives for fashion and wears a hand-dyed tunic with matching skirt and tote and black maryjanes. Her skirt is a soft pink felt, textured and striped with dark grey top-stitching and finished with a scalloped hem.

Marta's tunic fades from light to dark grey with a hand-painted landscape created with layers of top stitching, some air brushing, and embroidered silk floss flowers.

Mary had a little lamb but Marta has eight grazing sheep around her tunic! Her black and white felt sheep echo her bold black and white pieced together tote bag. With a casual flip of her light blonde mohair wig Marta feels she is quite ready to show off her new look.