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Maggie's archive contains photos of past editions and one of a kinds.
Note there may be some dolls that are not listed here.
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Pippi Longstocking
16.5 Inch Tall Felt Doll
Edition Size: 15
Created in 2024

Price : $1,795.00
Layaway plans available:
6 months at $299.17/mon.
12 months at $149.58/mon.

Free Delivery (continental USA)

Women of all ages will immediately recognize the joyful free spirit that is Pippi Longstocking and remember her self-reliance, empowering friendship, and fearless integrity. Who could be more freer than Pippi? That's why she's always smiling.

Meet Pippi's adorable companion, Mr Nilsson, a pet monkey who's lightweight and wired body can balance on her arms, shoulders, or even on her head! He's made of honey-brown plush, airbrushed with a lighter belly and a sweet needle-felted face and tiny ears.

Pippi is undeniably fun-loving with her iconic red mohair and upturned braids. Her blouse is coral felt with rolled up sleeves, always ready for play. She wears mint green felt shorts under her patchwork tunic, stitched together with dark green quilting stitches that mimic a handmade quality. The checkerboard patter is pieced squares of dark mint green, toffee, chili red, and pale yellow felt. The tunic and blouse are also lined with sheer cotton. In the classic Pippi style that we know and love, she wears mismatched mint green and coral long slouchy socks with rugged honey brown boots, also with miss-matched laces. Have you ever seen someone so true to themselves as Pippi?

Pippi Longstocking