Our Story

Maggie with her collection Home Sweet Home.

Or maybe we should say 'Felt Sweet Felt' - Inside that quiet cape cod set at the edge of the woods Maggie sits in her studio creating something new...for her collectors.

Or should we say Patrons. For we view them as more than collectors.

They are Patrons of the arts. Patrons that allow us to do what we love most. - Make dolls.

A truly lucky person is one who loves what they do for a living.

This statement has come true for me. It is the sense of pride and wonderment of creating something from nothing that is very rewarding and I have never tired of the experience. I am grateful to everyone who purchases and collects my dolls. It allows me to keep growing as an artist and to continue a creative process that I truly love.

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Maggie scupting a doll's face

coordinating a doll outfit

Maggie with Fabric

Maggie at the Sewing machine