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15.5 Inch Tall Felt Doll
Special Limited Edition : 50
Created in 2017

Beloved heroine, Marmee, from the cherished novel, Little Women, urgently steps off the train and returns to her anxious family.

True to the Civil War era, Marmee is traveling with her gloves, reticule (with a drawstring, beading, embroidery, and tassel) and her air-brushed felt travel valise with felt-detailing. The lavender lace shawl is inspired by a Chantilly lace shawl of the period. Her bonnet is embellished with air-brushed felt flowers and it sits atop her brown mohair wig which is braided in 1860s style buns.

The deep viridian form-fitting felt coat is exquisitely decorated with dozens of tiny air-brushed felt flowers and it matches the floor-length moss-green skirt with felt stripes detailing the hem. Marmee encourages us all to go and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it.�

Price : $1,425.00
6m &1 yr layaway available
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