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16.5 Inch Tall Felt Doll
Edition Size: 30
Created in 2022

Adeline sits as if posing for her regal portrait. The hand-dyed raspberry wool felt tuffet with tufted silk buttons stands 4" tall, perfect for a relaxed sitting position. Her Avant garde dress has an asymmetrical silhouette made of black wool felt that drapes over the tuffet. A saturated multicolor abstract design pops off the dark background. The hand-dyed, airbrushed, and embroidered details give the circular felt appliques their dimension.

She has light blonde mohair cut shoulder-length with bangs. The Elizabethan collar and cuffs are ecru wool felt ruffled with embroidered edges in silk floss which mimics the texture of lace. Her dramatic collar is detachable and matches the ecru ruffled underskirt. Striking pale pink and black striped knee socks and black maryjanes with gold buckles achieves her royal and modern look.

Each of Maggie's dolls is created from wool felt and can be repositioned in endless poses using her unique ball-jointed system. Hips, knees, and even the ankles are ball-jointed to allow the doll to take a particular stance or expressive mood to interact with the other dolls in your collection and more important interact with you, the collector.The head is completely moveable, enabling the doll to cast her glance in several directions. Each finger is wired, which enables the doll to be manipulated in just the right way to suggest a feeling, or hold an accessory.

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