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Maggie's archive contains photos of past editions and one of a kinds.
Note there may be some dolls that are not listed here.
This is not a complete collection of her entire work.

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15.5 Inch Tall Felt Doll
Special Limited Edition : 10
Created in 2023

Price : $1,850.00
Layaway plans available:
6 months at $308.33/mon.
12 months at $154.17/mon.

Free Delivery (continental USA)

Harper is a schoolgirl whose outfit is easily the envy of the whole class. She has wavy red mohair and bangs. The mint green collar and cuffs contrast with the deep peacock blue of her sweatshirt dress. Her hands can rest and stay cozy in the front pouch pocket on her way to school. The bottom of Harper’s dress depicts a quaint village created with layers of felt applique with many shades of green, purple, orange, and pink. The dress is hand dyed in an ombre effect which creates the dreamy skyline behind the rooftops. All the windows are embroidered with yellow silk floss to imply that the lights are on inside. She wears black maryjanes and hand dyed ankle socks in a lighter shade of peacock blue. Harper’s bookbag is functional with a magnetic closure, it’s made of grey felt with sturdy straps that are embroidered with a contrasting orange scalloped edge. Many pieces of felt applique create a charming home and garden, with embroidered flower stems and tiled roof details.