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BJD - Ball Jointed Dolls meet Felt

Each of Maggie's dolls can be repositioned in endless poses using her unique ball-jointed system.

The head is completely moveable, enabling the doll to cast her glance in several directions. The slightest turn and tilt of her head can create an expressive mood to interact with the other dolls in your collection and more important interact with you, the collector.

Each finger is wired, which enables the doll to be manipulated in just the right way to suggest a feeling, or hold an accessory. The wrist may be turned and bent back to create a natural wave of the hand and show an air of confidence.

Maggie's dolls have a range of movement that is incredibly lifelike.

You will be amazed at how much personality is revealed as you pose them.

The elbow and shoulder allow the doll to reach out in a natural fashion and grant the collector the ability to create a multitude of actions that can add drama to any pose. Hips, knees, and even the ankles are ball-jointed to allow the doll to take a particular stance, have the collector enjoy the view of their doll in a sitting position, or even point a toe.
Taking advantage of the jointing system with so many varying poses, the collector can interact and enjoy their dolls for years to come.

Maggie hopes that her collectors find delight in the satisfaction of holding and posing their dolls, as much as she has enjoyed creating, each and every one of them.

Poseable Ball-Jointed Dolls
Evelyn is a poseable doll